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2015/2016 - 27 01 2016

IRD Numbers for Property Sales

All vendors and purchasers of property other than their main home must now provide an IRD number as part of the land transfer process.

2015/2016 - 12 11 2015

Saving Tax

Many people who run a small business use an area in the home for work purposes. You do not have to have an area specifically set aside for the business. If you’re doing this, you can make a claim for the area so long as you keep a full record of all expenses you wish to claim. If there isn't a separate area for the business the apportionment will need to take into account criteria such as the amount of time spent on income-earning activities and the area used at home.

2015/2016 - 12 11 2015

Have your say

Earlier this year, the Government began public consultation on a set of proposals for a better tax administration for New Zealanders aligned to our business transformation.

2015/2016 - 12 11 2015

Forewarned is forearmed

When is a payment of tax made in time? The IRD's Standard Practice Statement 14/01 Tax payments - when received in time, sets out the rules for payments accepted as being made in time.

2015/2016 - 12 11 2015

More red tape

If your business is a New Zealand-registered company, the Amendment Act requires that they have a director living in New Zealand, or in Australia if a director of an Australian incorporated company, by 28 October.

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