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Audit & Assurance

Audits and limited assurance reviews

Special reviews and reports (e.g. revenue verification, internal controls)

Trust account audits (e.g. real estate)
Our pragmatic and objective advice will help you to understand and respond to the risks your business faces in an increasingly complex business environment. We will concentrate on your important issues by tailoring our audit procedures to your business' operations, compliance and risk areas. With the use of the most up-to-date audit software, this approach delivers you an efficient and cost-effective audit solution. 

PKF Goldsmith Fox are specialists in the audit of SMEs and not for profit organisations, and can also assist with reviews of accounting implications of complex transactions, financial reporting disclosures and International Financial Reporting Standards implementation. 

Our risk-based audit approach has been developed through the PKF International Network, a global association of legally independent firms, and is up-to-date with the latest international auditing standards. PKF's audit approach includes an in-built quality system; giving you certainty that your audit has been completed under rigorous professional standards. 

Corporate governance and risk management advice
We can help you to safeguard and enhance the value of your business by identifying, analyzing and evaluating your business risks and strategic goals. This is achieved in the following ways:

  • Assess and develop governance and risk management frameworks
  • Advise on risk assessment and management
  • Target fraud risk and assessment
  • Target project risk and governance
  • Develop controls and implement 

Due Diligence Reviews (Buyer or Seller)
Our due diligence reviews include examining historical and forecast financial and tax information and business processes to report on issues that may impact on the value of the business being acquired or the structure of the transaction being contemplated. PKF Goldsmith Fox will:

  • work with you to scope the assignment to ensure key risk areas are appropriately covered 
  • undertake the due diligence review in an efficient manner 
  • prepare due diligence reports that provide transaction insights into the areas that may impact on the acquisition decision or on the operations going forward 
  • work with you and advise on the best way to structure the transaction 
  • utilise the skills of our tax consulting division to ensure all tax issues have been appropriately reviewed 
  • assist and advise in relation to the contract for sale

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